International World Poet and Author Challenge Quilt 2019

The International World Poet and Author Challenge Quilt 2019 exhibition opens in May 2019 at Quilt Time Festival in Yokohama. The show will appear in additional venues in Japan before moving on to France and the United Sates.

Constant Change ©Amanda Snavely 2019

Each country participating in the invitational chose 5 poets and authors of their country. Invited artists were assigned a poet or author to represent with their work. I was assigned Charif Majdalani, a Lebanese-French writer.

Moving the Palace, by Charif Majdalani, chronicles the journey of Samuel through Africa and the Middle East while transporting pieces of a palace and artifacts by camel.  Constant Change reflects the colors of the changing scenery -- red and ochre sand, acai and baobab trees, green and turquoise Morrish marble pools, and saffron rugs.  The asymmetrical and shifting patterns, evolving from mashribya geometry, mirror the constantly altered route of the journey.

Constant Change (Detail) ©Amanda Snavely 2019

Constant Change (Detail 2) ©Amanda Snavely 2019

Constant Change (Detail 3) ©Amanda Snavely 2019