Current Dye list for Experiments

Current Dye list for Experiements

Current Listing of Procion Dyes I have onhand to use in experiments:

Brands: G & K Craft  (Purchase locally from Askew Taylor Paints) ; Dharma Trading Company Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes

Note:  For use on Natural Fibers Only (cotton, silk, hemp, rayon, etc.)


Dharma Trading:

PR1  Lemon Yellow (Primary)

PR4 Deep Yellow

PR6 Deep Orange

PR13 Fuchsia Red (Primary)

PR23 Cerulean Blue *(Requires 2x amount of dye to match color card)

PR25 Turquoise (Primary)  *T (Requires 2x amount of dye to match color card and Uses Hot Water)

PR44 Better Black **(Requires 4x amount of dye to match color card)   (Purple Blue Cast)


G&K Craft:

GK2215 PRO  Rust Orange

GK5193 PRO  Bronze

GK602A PRO  Cotton Black  (Green Cast)

GK6160 PRO   Stormy Grey  (Blue Cast)