Reference Books

The Complete Photo Guide to TEXTILE ART

by Susan Stein

This book is a great reference to go back to as Stein covers many surface design techniques in a concise easy to follow manner.  My points to return to reference are:

  • The burn test for finding unknown fabric with undetermined fiber content
  • spraying discharge solution through cheesecloth for an interesting pattern and making sure to use Anti-Chlor to neutralize the fabric
  • Using transparencies to transfer images to fabric - Gel Medium Method and Dye-na-Flow Method
  • bending wire in to interesting shapes and then placing under fabric for rubbings
  • Making a string stamp by wrapping around a wood block
  • Rust Dyeing
  • Paper-Cloth Layering Basics

Merge art.

by Gingko Press


A great coffee table book of interesting designers.  My personal favorites from the book are:


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