What We Leave Behind

I recently heard the question, "What will archaeologist uncover from our generation?"  Grecian urns, Mayan carved bowls, Russian samovars...........No!  Sadly, we will leave behind Styrofoam take out containers, GladWare, and other atrocities.

With this thought circling my mind, I began my first outdoor sculpture for a local public art project. The sculptures will hang for a month from a tree in the Glenwood South District of Raleigh, NC. The largest challenge in the project is how to convert fiber art into an outdoor sculpture that can withstand the elements.  I will be creating three or more sculptures using various multimedia materials that are then hardened with a textile hardener, Paverpol.  In a future blog, I will discuss the materials and process in more detail as well as detail the complete public art project happening in Glenwood South.

Shattered, the first sculpture for this project, is based on the question of "What will we leave behind?"  Using cotton, felt, and silk I created my vision of an Urban Vessel.  I wanted to illustrate a shattered relic of our time using graffiti coloring as an alternative to the depressing thought of unearthed plastic ware.