Completed Class Project

TImeline  -  35"x14"  July 2014  Hand-dyed silk and linen collage, hand-stitched with hand-dyed silk thread

Timeline is my finished project from the Peg Gignoux workshop.  Using the techniques she taught in class, I completed this piece which is quite different from my previous projects.  My inspiration for this piece came from a photo I took on one of my morning walks on Whidbey Island.  

Inspiration for Timeline

I took both linear elements and color concepts from this photo and incorporated them into my class project (Timeline).

The silk organza, linen, and silk threads were all dyed using Fiber Reactive Procion Type Dyes. The symbols are silk screened using thermofax screens that I borrowed from Peg Gignoux.  A base layer of machine stitching anchors the layers.  Utilizing the silk thread I dyed, I created a layer of mark making to add texture and depth.

Detail of Timeline

In this piece I was practicing mark making utilizing hash marks, varied loops, as well as french knots.  The combination of the silk organza, linen, and felt materials allowed me to play with the impact of varied materials.

For the raw edge applique, I watered down matte medium and applied it to the edges to help prevent further fraying.  This worked somewhat but I would apply it multiple times before appliqueing the pieces to the background in the future.  Another option would be to use Pellon 805 Wonder Under instead of the Matte Medium.

While there are a number of things I would do differently in retrospect, I am happy with the overall success of the piece.  My main objective was to try something outside my comfort zone and this piece was definitely the push that I needed. 

Additional detail of Timeline