Movie Reel

The movie reel is in place.  I wanted to post pictures of all the stages, people, and help that went in to completing this project.  It took a lot of hands and help from the public to create this public art.  I am truly grateful to everyone that helped pull this off:  Donna Belt, Julia Mastropaolo, Lidia Churakova, Lorry McCoy, Ia Ormond, Anna Langston, Joann Ingoglia, Jim Belt, Art Whitley, Sue Ann Glennon, Tutu School of Raleigh, Glenwood South Neighborhood Collective, Downtown Raleigh Alliance, United Arts Council, Visual Art Exchange, Office of Raleigh Arts, Raleigh Public Works, and the Raleigh Transportation and Planning Department, and the many other volunteers that I have failed to name.