Hand Stitching Helpers

I am very frugal in buying only things I know I will use.  So, since I already had various size round embroidery hoops I kept putting off buying the square one I really wanted.  As a designer, I like to see how each stitch I add contributes to the piece.  This was hard for me to visualize in the round.  I knew it would be easier to get a sense of the larger piece in a square as I am used to using the concept of a view finder for art compositions.  I finally decided to buy the square and have never second guessed my decision.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  OK, so I am a weird person who gets excited over art supplies.  I was also the kid that loved getting new school supplies each year so no big surprise.  My first square was the Dritz Quilting Quilt N'Go Lap Frame 11"x11" .  It was the perfect solution to managing the fabric for the pieces I was hand stitching.  

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Textile Dyeing & Collage with Peg Gignoux

My class at The Pacific Northwest School of Art was taught by Peg Gignoux.  I had first admired her work locally at Light Art Design during the STITCH exhibit.  Ironically, she lives about 30 minutes from me but I flew cross country to attend the only workshop she had scheduled in the USA for 2014.  I am very happy with that decision, as it was exactly the workshop I needed as well as being introduced to PNSA.  You can view Peg Gignoux's work on her website

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