My Rainbow of Thread Colors

One of my favorite gifts from my husband is my Gutermann 100% Natural Cotton Thread Set. Being able to quickly glance at thread color options and audition different colors without having to scramble through a box of thread is a huge time saver.

I currently use glass jars to contain my other threads.  However, I hope to eventually find a way to display them as well.  Shelf space is precious in my studio.  I will be searching for a solution that can be mounted on the wall.

I have tried various thread brands and prefer the 100% Natural Cotton Gutermann thread for most of my projects.  I prefer cotton as it can be over-dyed if needed.  The cotton thread works well for both machine and hand stitching.  There are many more expensive brands, but Gutermann is a good quality thread in an average price range.  In my experience, Coats & Clark brand threads break easily regardless of the type.  

I have used several of Gutermann's other thread types for both machine and hand stitching.  I use Gutermann 100% Viscose thread when I want to emphasize an area by adding shine.  For pieces needing added strength I use Gutermann's 100% Polyester thread for both machine and hand stitching.  To add a minimal shine, I use Gutermann's 100% Silk Thread.  I have currently only used the silk thread for hand stitching.  The most impressive thread is the Gutermann Invisible Thread.  Anyone that has ever experienced a rat's nest bobbin using invisible thread knows the importance of a good invisible thread.  I have used both the clear and the smoke invisible thread numerous times without any problems for both the top thread and the bobbin.  

Over the course of my experiments I will try other brands.  Currently, I am trying out the different types of thread while keeping the brand a constant.  Keeping the brand variable the same allows me to get a feel for the difference of type of thread without having to consider brand differences.

Please comment on either thread storage options or thread choices that you have a fondness for using.