A Sum of Its Parts

My piece, Just Add Color, is on display in the exhibition A Sum of Its Parts, a juried exhibition presented by EDGE Contemporary Fiber Artists. The exhibition runs from Sept 8th - Oct 13, 2019 at the Sunderland Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska. The Artist Reception is September 8th from 12-3pm.

Just Add Color ©2019 Amanda Snavely

I am excited to announce that my art was used for the Gallery Guide and the Postcard for the show.

Gallery Guide back.jpg



A Look Back

My new studio space is still under construction. So, I thought I would post pictures from my old studio space. Hopefully, I will be a bit neater in the new space. Doubtful, but one can dream. I needed new headshots for an exhibition, so my photographer took a few of me in my natural habitat.


Studio Assistants

May to July has been a crazy experience of moving to a new house. So, while my fabric is still packed away I thought I would take a moment to recognize my studio assistants.


The official greeter of anyone visiting my studio.

Photo by Sam Garnett

Photo by Sam Garnett

Millie is also the studio therapist and the first to talk someone down off a cliff. She has the patience of a saint.

Photo by Sam Garnett

Millie works for ear scratches and belly rubs.

Photo by Sam Garnett


The life of the party.

Indie will convince you that jumping off the cliff sounds like a great idea and will even jump first.

Photo by Sam Garnett

Indie occasionally has her serious moments. But is more likely to run through the studio squeaking a toy during Zoom meetings.

Photo by Sam Garnett

She will let you know when she thinks you have a fabulous idea.

Photo by Sam Garnett

Indie works for food of any variety.

Photo by Sam Garnett

Thank you to Sam Garnett for taking pics of my assistants while shooting my head shots.

International World Poet and Author Challenge Quilt 2019

The International World Poet and Author Challenge Quilt 2019 exhibition opens in May 2019 at Quilt Time Festival in Yokohama. The show will appear in additional venues in Japan before moving on to France and the United Sates.

Constant Change ©Amanda Snavely 2019

Each country participating in the invitational chose 5 poets and authors of their country. Invited artists were assigned a poet or author to represent with their work. I was assigned Charif Majdalani, a Lebanese-French writer.

Moving the Palace, by Charif Majdalani, chronicles the journey of Samuel through Africa and the Middle East while transporting pieces of a palace and artifacts by camel.  Constant Change reflects the colors of the changing scenery -- red and ochre sand, acai and baobab trees, green and turquoise Morrish marble pools, and saffron rugs.  The asymmetrical and shifting patterns, evolving from mashribya geometry, mirror the constantly altered route of the journey.

Constant Change (Detail) ©Amanda Snavely 2019

Constant Change (Detail 2) ©Amanda Snavely 2019

Constant Change (Detail 3) ©Amanda Snavely 2019